About Us

Practice Transformation – Montana University System Creates Unique Partnership

The University of Montana and Montana State University have joined together to create a robust, interdisciplinary Institute dedicated to health sciences education and applied practice that will benefit patients, students and the health care industry across Montana and the nation. The Institute has been named the Montana University System Institute for Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practice (Montana IPE Institute).

MISSION: We connect health profession programs and healthcare sites with communities to promote excellence in interprofessional education and collaborative practice in Montana.

Our Institute Strategic Priorities

Build Coordinated Systems
to Promote IPE & IPCP

– Identify and reduce inter-institutional infrastructure barriers

– Identify and reduce interprofessional barriers to effective IPCP

– Advocate for institutional culture change to formally support collaborative IPE program efforts

Support Campus Efforts for
Statewide Impact

– Utilize a statewide advisory board that informs relevancy, champions local successes, and aligns educational, workforce and community needs and activities

– Engage with UM and MSU steering committees to identify how the institute can support success and share successes

– Engage with campus faculty, administration and individual educational programs to foster collaboration

Serve as a Clearinghouse for

– Maintain a shared website that houses resources for students, educators, preceptors and healthcare sites

– Develop and disseminate best practices in education, practice and evaluation to community partners and academic institutions

– Serve as a trainer and consultant to academic units and clinical sites

– Share resources that foster research in interprofessional education and practice

Invest in

– Serve as an advocate for IPE on campuses, with the Board of Regents, the MT legislature,and communities

– Maintain a presence in the national IPE and IPCP community through scholarship, events, and development activities

– Continuously seek external funding to support efforts